Summer in the Cariboo can pull you in every direction – camping, exploring lakes and rivers, wildlife watching, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, fresh farm stands and farmers’ markets, experiencing the rich history and culture of Indigenous Peoples, and stepping back in time to immerse yourself in the late 1800s gold rush.

Discover the diverse lands and people of the Cariboo with a self-guided journey.

Long Weekend

Day 1

108 Mile

As you drive into the Cariboo from the south, stop and golf at the expansive 18-hole 108 Mile Golf Club.

Day 2

Williams Lake

Mountain bike through dusty rolling hills and sagebrush, with downhill riding at DeSous Trail or Jimmy’s Fox Trail, which is part of the extensive Fox Mountain Network.


Walk along the Riverfront Trail, see the valley from Pinnacles Park, explore the historic bridges downtown, and try craft beer at Barkerville Brewing.

Day 3

100 Mile House

Feel the mist from the immense Mahood waterfalls East of 100 Mile House.

One Week

Mainstreet Barkerville
Explore Cariboo - Farwell Canyon

Day 1

Cariboo Regional District

Go to Green Lake, a crisp, green lake surrounded by pine trees and sage brush. Swim, boat, canoe or fish. Camp at the lake or sleep in 100 Mile House.

Day 2

100 Mile House/Williams Lake

Ride Stormrider mountain bike trail or use the low mobility access trail from  the same parking lot. Have lunch at Cask and Cleaver. Head to Williams Lake and take your dinner to the lake at Scout Island Nature Reserve.

Day 3

Williams Lake/Cariboo Regional District

Drive the backroad from Horsefly to Likely and Barkerville. Feel the expanse of the Cariboo mountains with their crystal-clear lakes, historic towns and rushing waterfalls. Camp or stay the night in a B&B in Barkerville. District

Day 4

Barkerville/Wells/ Quesnel

Explore historic Barkerville, see a play at the Theatre Royal, eat and drink like it’s 1862. Head west towards Quesnel, but stop in Wells to see the colourful art galleries and birdwatch in the mountain meadows. Have a meal and see live music in Quesnel at the Cariboo Hotel, which overlooks the Fraser River.

Day 5


Enjoy a river boat adventure on the Fraser River. Enjoy drinks, food and live music at The Occidental.

Day 6

Williams Lake

Find a bite downtown Williams Lake and then head to the Farwell Canyon sand dunes with views of the crystal blue-green Chilcotin River.

Day 7

Cariboo Regional District

Go to the Bridge Lake Ice Caves, where ice builds up in the cracks, holes and small canyons of the bluffs along Bridge Lake. If conditions are right, ice remains in the caves year round.


150 Mile House
Explore Bowron Lake Provincial Park, world canoeing circuit
Horseback riding in the Cariboo
Golfing at Coyote Rock in Williams Lake

Day 1

100 Mile House

Stop at the crisp waters of Green Lake. Boat, swim, canoe, or fish. Camping is available.e.

Day 2

108 Mile/Williams Lake

See the 108 Mile Heritage Site to experience part of the historic Gold Rush Trail. Go for a cycle or hike on the River Valley Trail in Williams Lake, a trail that connects the lake to the Fraser River along Williams Lake River.

Day 3

Cariboo Regional District

Drive the backroad to Barkerville which winds through the ancient Cariboo Mountains. You’ll see historic towns, pristine lakes, rushing waterfalls, and dramatic mountain views on your way to Barkerville.

Day 4


Stay in Barkerville by camping nearby or by booking a B&B. Explore the historic Gold Rush Town. Eat, drink, watch a play, or pan for gold.

Day 5–9

Bowron Lake Chain

Canoe the West Side of the Bowron Lake Circuit, for a 2–4 day trip from Bowron Lake to Unna Lake and witness the majestic Cariboo Falls. If time permits, the full Bowron Lake Circuit is a 116 km one-way loop. It’s typically completed in 6-10 days depending on your skill level. Reservations should be made up to one year in advance. Drop-ins may have to wait several days

Day 10


Walk through the mountain meadows with their Ladyslipper and Indian Paintbrush flowers, explore the local trail system, and stop in the bright art galleries.

Day 11


Have a hearty breakfast at Granville’s restaurant. Go for a guided horseback tour of the rugged countryside at Triple J Ranch. Enjoy a meal and craft beers at Barkerville Brewing.

Day 12

Xats’ull Village

Visit Xat’sull Heritage Village to experience traditional First Nations culture. Camp on site or stay in Williams Lake and explore the murals, or do the Art-Walk, which happens in August.

Day 13

Williams Lake/Williams Lake Indian Band Land

Visit the grand log-built Tourism Centre/Museum for some regional history and information. Golf at the Coyote Rock Golf Course. Visit Scout Island Nature Reserve and walk the trails to the island and watch for beavers at the intricately constructed beaver dams.

Day 14

100 Mile House/70 Mile

Explore Centennial Park near downtown, which has a waterfall and the remnants of an historic sawmill. On your way out of the Cariboo, stop at the Sugar Shack in 70 Mile for traditional Quebecois comfort food.